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One-Hour Cure, MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate)

MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) is a SEAMLESS system with a fast and efficient curing mechanism with a full cure within an hour after the final top-coat application. Even in freezers. Expensive, persistent flooring problems can start a vicious cycle, doing it right the first time is less expensive than doing it again. Once installed, our MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) base systems resist deterioration, withstands temperature fluctuations, and are UV stable.
Areas that require sanitized and decontaminated surfaces will benefit from the anti-microbial additive that is available upon request. The bonus is that it's a soap and water clean-up. A scrub brush and a little elbow grease is all you need, but we have available a cleaning solution just for MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) floor systems that speeds the cleaning process along.

Extraordinarily Rugged: MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) floor systems withstands high traffic and is resistant to most acids and alkalis and some solvents.

Minimal Down Time: The speed of curing is perhaps the greatest advantage of MMA (Methl-Methacrylate). With expert preperation, the system is fully cured and ready to go, one hour after the top coat.

Hassle-free Repairs: When a floor needs repairs, fast curing MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) is the only solution for a system that is self-healing. It melts to itself during the repair, resulting in a floor system that remains SEAMLESS.

Easy Maintenance: In any environment, time is money. Our fast cure MMA (Methl-Methacrylate) floor systems are soap and water clean-up. If your floors are really dirty, find our specialty cleaners in our Maintenance Tab.

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High-Performance Epoxy

Fluid Floors, Inc. continues our focus on innovative technology and Made in America manufacturing. We strive to provide you the most technologically advanced flooring solutions available in today's markets. Our High-Performance Epoxy systems are functional, aesthetically pleasing and budget friendly.

Pretty and Smart: Our High- Performance Epoxies can be applied over old or new concrete. The ystem applied creates a durable bond and a ghigh gloss durable surface. Or system is SEAMLESS, low odor, and VOC compliant. in all US States.

One Solution, Multiple Uses: Our Epoxy coatings are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications; including manufactoring, warehousing, food and beverage porocessing, commercial dining, and shopping.

Greater Impact: High-Performance Epoxies offer many color options to protect your brand integrity. You choose the color or colors and the addition of flake or quartz for further decorative appeal. Our solutions provide a variety of customizable options.

Economic Solution: Productivity is crucial to success. When we provide you a High-Performance Epoxy Solution operating cost is reduced by reducing the wear of equipment, productivity is increased with easily cleaned floors, free of dust, dirt, and debris. Fluid Floors, Inc. provides you a floor that will last for years, with manageable costs from the very beginning.

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Cementitious Urethane

Flooring is one of the most critical factors for facility and operations managers. Every project is different, and you a need a unique solution for your unique work environment. Tell us about your environment, and we will help find the system that works best for you. Fluid Floors can install a SEAMLESS cementitious urethane system formulated to withstand chemical and thermal shock, slip resistance and resistance to high levels of moisture vapor transmission.

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New Construction? No Problem: Concrete curing times will not slow you down. Our Cementitious Urethane floor systems are resistant to high levels of moisture vapor transmission and can be installed on "green" concrete that is only 10 days old.

Excessive Heat or Hot Liquids? No Problem: Cementitious Urethane is the ideal solution for food and beverage process facilities. It is perfect for wet/dry process zones, storage areas, industrial chemical plants, anywhere excessive heat, stem or hot liquids are present, because it retains it's physical characteristics through a temperature rage from -90Degrees F to 240Degrees F.

Heavy Daily Traffic and Chemicals? No Problem: Cementitious Urethane will resist a wide-range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, solvents, salts, and extreme daily traffic with superiour concrete adhesion and heavy impact resistance.

USDA/FDA Requirements? No Problem: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are more important than ever and so is worker safety. Our Cementitious Urethane can be customized with a variety of graded aggregates for slip resistance to minimize potential employee accidents. In addition, this system is low VOC, low odor, and available with an optional antimicrobial additive.


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