September 13, 2017

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Fluid Floors Is The Expert In Cementitious Urethane

Maintaining a seamless floor throughout the entirety of a facility can help decrease the level of bacteria or harmful chemicals getting stuck in the seams. Flooring must resist chemicals and moisture and withstand extreme abrasion from forklifts and steel-wheeled carts, as well as clean easily and be skid resistant. We know Flooring is one of the most critical factors for facility and operations managers. Every project is different, and you need a unique solution for your unique work environment.


From The Field

High Performance Epoxy might be a solution...

We provide complete turn-key, poured-in-place epoxy solutions. This durable, high value coating provides increase productivity by reduced maintenance time and expense. The customizable system lowers opportunity for employee injury with available varied levels of skid resistance. It is low odor, low VOC and is available with an anti-microbial option.

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