September 14, 2017

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Fluid Floors is the expert in Methyl-Methylcrylate (MMA)

MMA is a seamless system with a fast and efficient curing mechanism. It has a full cure within an hour after the final top-coat application - Even in Freezers! MMA base systems resist deterioration, withstands temperature fluctuations and are UV stable. Areas that require sanitized and decontaminated surfaces will benefit from the anti-microbial additive that is available upon request. AND, it's a soap and water clean-up. If you DO need a cleaning solution, we have that too. It's a cleaning solution just for MMA Floor systems that speeds the cleaning process along.


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You Might Also Consider Cementitious Urethane

Cementitious Urethane is formulated to withstand chemical wear and thermal shock. It's slip resistance and resistance to elevated levels of moisture vapor transmission. It is a perfect solution for wet/dry processing zones and anywhere excessive heat is present, because it retains its physical characteristics through extreme temperature ranges. Every project is different, and you need a unique solution for your unique work environment.

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