October 17, 2017

EM 5-2 Gel

What's It Good For?

This high-strength, adhesive is excellent for vertical and overhead bonding as well as bonding hardened concrete and other materials to hardened concrete. The EM 5-2 Gel Core Fill as an adhesive system for anchoring deformed tie bars and smooth dowel bars. Used in conjunction with Anchor Adhesive 52, it is ideal for crack injection. Additionally this adhesive is moisture insensitive; use on dry, damp, or wet surfaces.

Benefits Of Using EM 5-2 Gel

  • No large capital expense
  • Eliminates material waste
  • Saves time
  • Unlimited dispense point
  • Eliminates aerated mix
  • No cleanup solvent needed
  • Reduces health hazards
  • Little operator skill needed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Increased productivity

General Recommendation:

To anchor bolts, dowels and pins, use EM 5-2 Gel Core Fill neat. For efficient transfer of stress, the hole should be no greater in diameter than 1/4 inch larger than the bar to be embedded. The depth of embedment is typically 10 to 15 bar diameters.

Surface Preparation:

Concrete substrates must be sound, clean, and free from dust, curing or parting compounds, oil, waxes, impregnations, and foreign particles. Substrate temperature must not be below 40℉

Dispense Instructions (HP™ Pneumatic Gun)

  1. Remove protective nose caps from the cartridge.
  2. Load cartridge into air gun.
  3. Attach air hose (0 psi).
  4. Open valve to equalize pistons. Allow both products (A&B) to flow from cartridge nose.
  5. Close valve and attach static mixer.
  6. Regulate to 80 – 125 psi.
  7. Open valve to dispense material.
  8. Close valve, leave the mixer on and put back on the shelf. Allow mixer to act as a seal.

Maintenance & Repair Solutions

If you have the crew to "DIY," we'll help you with the supplies