October 2, 2017

Consider The Smart & Pretty

Fluid Floors, Inc. continues our focus on innovative technology.

We strive to provide you the most technologically advanced flooring solutions available in today’s markets. All are custom designed for outstanding long-term performance and installed to exacting standards of craftsmanship. AND it's all MADE IN AMERICA manufacturing.

The Benefits of High Performance Epoxy

Our High Performance Epoxy systems are functional, aesthetically pleasing and budget friendly. We promise exceptional value and performance by reducing operating costs with a durable floor solution.

Pretty & Smart

Our High Performance Epoxies can be applied over old or new concrete. The system applied creates a durable bond and a high gloss durable surface. Our system is SEAMLESS, low odor and VOC compliant in all US States.

One Solution, Many Uses

Our Epoxy coatings are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications; including manufacturing, warehousing, food and beverage processing, commercial dining and shopping.

Greater Impact

High Performance Epoxies offer many color options to protect your brand integrity. You choose the color or colors and the addition of flake or quartz for further decorative appeal. There's a variety of customizable options.

Economic Solution

Productivity is crucial to success. When we provide you an Epoxy Solution, productivity is increased with easily cleaned floors. We provide you a floor that will last for years, with manageable costs from the very beginning.


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