October 1, 2017

Consider A One-Hour Cure

Expensive, persistent flooring problems can start a vicious cycle. Doing it right the first time is less expensive than doing it again.

Once installed our Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA) base systems resist deterioration, withstands temperature fluctuations and are UV stable. This fast cure flooring solution combines longevity, aesthetics and simple maintenance. Areas that require sanitized and decontaminated surfaces will benefit from the anti-microbial additive that is available upon request.

The Benefits of MMA

Extraordinarily Rugged

MMA floor systems withstand high traffic and are resistant to most acids and alkalis and some solvents. Check The MMA Chemical Resistance Chart.

Minimal Down Time

The speed of curing is perhaps the greatest advantage of MMA. With expert preparation, the system is fully cured and ready to go, one hour after the final top coat.

Hassle-Free Repairs

An MMA system repair will remain seamless because of its unique bonding qualities. MMA melts to itself, ensuring a successful floor restoration.

Easy Maintenance

An MMA solution can reduce maintenance costs because they are a soap/water cleanup with your walk behind scrubber. If your floors are really dirty, find our specialty cleaners in our Maintenance & Repair tab.


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